What do we do?

Your foundations a problem? We lay them professionally.
Your bricklaying too complicated or too much for you? We erect your building.
Count on us for any project, big or small, even for a repair job or a wall.
UNIQUE: If you have the time, you can even help us yourself and save money.

Roof construction
Complete roof constructions made out of wood for flat or saddle roofs.
In a classic design with wooden rafters and battens or with isolated roof panels, expertly covered with slates, tiles or roofing.

We take care of all the electrical works of new buildings and renovation projects.
We neatly incorporate everything in your walls, but plinth systems are of course also possible, if you prefer them. Cables, lighting, sockets, switches, Ö from the standard to the real top design versions. Everything executed to your wishes.


Your building or renovation project also needs plumbing work to be done? Vanlommel takes care of that too. The installation of sewer systems, PVC drains, copper water, VPE or gas pipes with recognized junctions and all the necessary equipment, such as baths, washbasins, taps, lavatories, etc. All this guaranteed leak-free and with a warranty.

You want a gas heater, an electrical energy-saving stove, a system that uses floor heating, electrical or water tube heating or a central heating system with radiators or convectors? No problem. You decide and we realize everything according to the possibilities of the building. Donít hesitate to ask for a free quotation.

You need skilled and experienced people to do your plastering. Count on us to do it professionally. An entire building or just a small repair job? Call us for a free quotation. Not only for white plastering, but also for stucco or raised plaster and even faÁade plastering.

For outer walls, we use a moisture proof PI-plaster or immediately apply a dyed type of plaster, so that you never have to paint them again.

You donít have the necessary equipment to level out your subfloors or you find it too complicated? The solution? Call Vanlommel for a free quotation.

You want a stone floor, but you donít know how to do it yourself or which type of floor to choose? Ask Aannemingen Vanlommel for advice. You prefer a floor in glazed or ceramic tiles or natural stone (like marble, granite, bluestone, etc.)? No problem for us. Everything is skilfully executed with the greatest of care and with a warranty, of course.

Youíre looking for a professional, but affordable carpenter? Look no further, you've found him. We take care of all your woodwork, from the structural elements of your project to the finishing touch to your interior.

Furthermore, we can also install your windows and doors in wood, PVC or aluminium. You can even count on us for your false ceilings in wood, plastic or aluminium, for your standardized or exclusive wall panelling or your custom-made cupboards.

Drives, garden paths, carports and verandas
Excellently executed. Ask for your free quotation without any further obligations.